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Department of Biochemistry

Studying biochemistry is the best way to understand the working of life in a fundamental way. In nature the way the physics & chemistry shape the reactions and process work, biochemistry takes the knowledge of chemistry to study the fundamental process that make up Biology.

Today, the discipline in biochemistry occupies a pivotal position in many research and teaching of all biological and bio-medical sciences. Recent advances in the field of biotechnology and other life sciences, and their industrial applications have been possible only due to a thorough understanding of the underlying principles of biochemistry.

The Biochemistry Department (PG) is one of the best departments in the club of other life science departments of our institute with well equipped laboratory. The department is purely dedicated for the studies of biochemistry in M.Sc. and produces students with healthy background of theoretical and experimental knowledge in the Subject.

We make the students to focus on the various research fields and other subject oriented opportunities including in the public sector such as research institutes, universities, governmental departments, the national health services, forensic science services, environment sciences etc.