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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Microbiology

Course offered at East West First Grade College of Science under NEP scheme

  1. Certificate course in Microbiology
  2. Diploma in Microbiology
  3. Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology
  4. Honour’s in Microbiology
  5. Integrated Master’s degree in Microbiology

About the Course:

Study of microbiology offers an excellent hand in learning various types of micro and macroscopic organisms like algae, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses.With a basic Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, student gain knowledge in ecology, physiology, biochemistry and geneticsof microorganisms.

The Honour’sand the Master’s degree in the Microbiology helps the student’s to gain in depth knowledge about the applications of microorganisms in fields of environment, agriculture, food, medical, and even in industrial aspects. Therefore, the subject offers a wide area for research in various interrelated topics.

Affiliations :

  • Affiliated to Bangalore University
  • Recognised by Government of Karnataka

Associated/Allied Subjects :

The NEP program offers the liberty to the student to select subject of their interest. Student may choose a single Major along with one Minor.

Major Subject- Microbiology (Compulsory)

Minor Subjects– Chemistry, biotechnology, botany, genetics, computer science  (any one subject can be selected).

Duration :

Students are provided with various options for entry and exit to the course under NEP program.

Course Years/ Semester Exit option with an award
Bachelor of Science in




1(I-II semester) Certificate
2 (I – IV semester) Diploma
3 (I – VI semester) Bachelor’s Degree
4 (I – VIII semester) Bachelor’s Degree with Honour’s
5 (I – X semester) Master’s Degree

Highlights :

The course also offers the students in learning various techniques in molecular biology, immunology, and along with biochemical analysis apart from gaining hands on experience in handling various microorganisms.

The curriculum also involves seminars, workshop, industrial visit, internship program and projects which help the student to get in depth knowledge in the subject.

Students are also encouraged to participate and interact with eminent Scientist’s around the world in various National and International Conferences, Symposium, Science exhibitions, quiz, lecture series.

The students are also inculcated with several skills specific job role in industries.


Employability :

In recent times, the Microbiology courses has gained importance in different sectors likeagricultural, dairy, food and beverages, medical, therapeutics, water plants, sewage treatment plants, forensic science,research institutes and even in higher education institutions.

Employability :

Pass in PUC/12th standard / 10+2 or its equivalent degree with science stream