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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Genetics

Course offered at East West First Grade College of Science under NEP scheme

  1. Certificate course in Genetics
  2. Diploma in Genetics
  3. Bachelor’s degree in Genetics
  4. Honour’s in Genetics
  5. Integrated Master’s degree in Genetics

About the Course:

Genetics is one of the Important Basic Sciences which deals with genes and its inheritance. It covers the three broad areas like – Classical Genetics, Molecular Genetics and Evolutionary Genetics. Classical Genetics deals with Mendelian Principles of Inheritance and Cyto-genetics. Molecular Genetics deals with DNA, its structure, Chemical composition, DNA replication, Transcription and Translation. Evolutionary Genetics deals with Hardy Weinberg Principle, The Natural Selection and the Speciation.

The Science of Genetics has spread throughout all the aspects of the subject, Biology, during the last few decades and it has positioned itself in the central position of great significance in biological science. This invasion of genetics in biology has not only opened the scope in the mechanism of heredity and variation but also extends its area for the study of fundamental biological processes like biochemistry, microbiology, plant physiology, plant pathology, ecology, etc. When the fundamentals of genetics are applied in engineering then it is referred to as Genetic Engineering. Therefore, genetics has a great influence on industrial areas like medicine, agriculture, fisheries, forests, etc. The recent increase of biotechnology study has further upsurge the significance of genetics science.

The sequence and edit of the genome are now possible and the invention of new CRISPR technology, a most powerful gene-editing tool is a result of genetic engineering. All these latest inventions have encouraged and attracted students to pursue their careers in genetic engineering but still, most of the students are unaware of their future prospects in this field due to lack of information and proper guidance.

Affiliations :

  • Affiliated to Bangalore University
  • Recognised by Government of Karnataka

Associated/Allied Subjects :

The NEP program offers the liberty to the student to select subject of their interest.       Student may choose a single Major along with one Minor.

   Major Subject- Genetics (Compulsory)

   Minor Subjects– Chemistry, Biotechnology, Botany,  Microbiology, Computer science 

Duration :

Students are provided with various option for entry and exit to the course under NEP program.

Course Years/ Semester Exit option with an award
Bachelor of Science in




1 (I – II semester) Certificate
2 (I – IV semester) Diploma
3 (I – VI semester) Bachelor’s Degree
4 (I – VIII semester) Bachelor’s Degree with Honour’s
5 (I – X semester) Master’s Degree


Highlights :

The course offers the students in learning, Understanding the essential aspects of Genetics in diverse subject areas such as Qualitative Genetics, Ecology, Population genetics, Immunogenetics, Medical genetics, Conservation genetics, molecular genetics. Develop the ability to focus on problem solving, critical thinking, team work and collaboration.

The curriculum also involves seminars, workshop, industrial visit, internship program and projects which help the student to get in depth knowledge in the subject.

Students are also encouraged to participate and interact with eminent Scientist’s around the world in various National and International Conferences, Symposium, Science exhibitions, quiz, lecture series.

Employability :

The students are also inculcated with several skills specific job role in industries in the field of-

Gene Sequencing, Gene Editing, Gene Isolating, Gene Priming, Geneticist role is important for various aspects such as Cystic fibrosis, Cancer research, Inborn defects, Alzheimer’s and plenty more. Both Scientific as well as medical fields appoint Geneticist to take deep view about Cell growth, reproduction and mutation. A student of Genetics can be a Health care Scientist, get opportunity in scientific research industry, could be a Technician in Scientific Labs, can work as Genetic counselor, Cyto-geneticist, also in forensics and more. Geneticists are placed either in Government or Private sectors.

Employability :

Pass in PUC/12th standard / 10+2 or its equivalent degree with science stream